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AIIM’s ownership is highly committed to the continued development of industry talent. Commemorating their father, they have pledged the Francesco Giorgio Scholarship to Ryerson University students who have demonstrated ingenuity and innovation in the development of a dynamic business plan in the Graphic Arts Industry. This award recognizes the students as leaders amongst their peers and provides them with financial support of $5000 annually. Recipients of this award have included the following:


  • Valerie Bannister
  • Christina Brajuha
  • Derek Estey
  • Catharine Leech
  • Patrick Anderl
  • Kenny Auyoung
  • Melanie Laffey
  • Doris Lau
  • Natasha Pandovska
  • Zainab Shnyin
  • Grace Wong
  • Jennifer Young
  • Dixon Fan
  • Helena Major
  • Debbie Pila
  • Marco Samanica
  • Anthony Singh
  • Isabelle Chartrand
  • Sharon Hoffer
  • Ana Lankarani
  • Sandy Avvari
  • Rosemary Commisso
  • Lynnette Fernandes
  • Ryan Lapidus
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